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Your One-Dimensional 9 to 5 Job


· Duane

“YOU & Everyone has been slyly educated, indoctrinated & KONditioned to Agree to be Restricted & KONtrolled Here into a 9 to 5 Job! With The Whole of Life, The TruReality LifeIS, there are NO Jobs to labor with, only RealFreedom from ALL Effects! It would 'seem' that what I am presenting is some kind of 'rebellious' act concerning the invented systems of politics, religion, spiritualizm, subliminal education, scientific mishaps, and whatever else the adolescent, immature, DarkBratty World Kontrollers can come up with, but Actually NO! I am merely 'pointing' out what is already taking place Here, and if you like it Here, then it is Your Right to stay as long as you want! I Never Stated that with what is taking place with all the Lethal Purposely Planned Pollution & Poisoning that I am taking sides, again, not at all! We each make Choices, and we each can make any Choice we want, and guess what... The Whole of Life, moreso than the Sun Shining in the sky, it Not Concerned, because YOU have the Right to Do Whatever YOU Want and all the time! BUT... YOU and Only YOU will have to deal with the Effects of Your Causes, which are Your Choices! Each person collects their Effects individually over the course of many lifetimes of Forgetting what they have done in the past. At times during each lifetime The Real UNUversal Guides are present in some way, but it is up to YOU to Recognize 'something' according to 'What LifeIS Now' from what it is Not! Your Real~Recognition must be Self~ignited with a Real~intent that most UNaware People know nothing about. The TruEndlesssnisss of ALLLife 'IS' such that it Cannot Be Considered by anything that has become 'common' knowledge of the UNaware. Your 9 to 5 Job has Nothing to do with The Awe'IS'ome Whole of Life where Everything 'IS' Possible! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK about HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US & WAKEUP ALL THE WAY!

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