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· Duane

“Emotional Love is its own way on Your Planet Earth. YOU Decide who and what you want to Emotionally Love. Your Emotional Love 'created position' is mainly with the Physical & Astral Bodies and created relationships from your personal life on earth. Nothing is negated, as we each have our own life here. This and so many other 'ideas' are a start to a Much Bigger Picture that is rarely Seeen by those who are indoctrinated and held against their will to Planet Earth. In Cause & Effect Creation, the 'Love' ideas are very prevalent everywhere, so it would 'seem' that all the love ideas that have been created for untold lifetimes 'seem' to be the ultimate experience for all of us. BUT... there 'IS' so much More that 'IS' Not Seeen and is only seen from the personal body senses, emotions and self-convinced mind. What I am sharing does sound a bit too much or far out, but YOU can Decide anything you want and it can come to Be So, as YOU learn to Take the Risk to SeeeMore than what you already know. It is so that most people want some form of freedom, which there really is None on Planet Earth, because this is a Designed HUman Farming Planet owned and operated by the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) who's business it is to Kontrol & Destroy whatever they want to! I suggest YOU take a good look around YOU and SEE what is really happening right in front of YOU! RealLUV IS RealFreedom in Your RealAwarenisss in Real UNUversISSS of Purity, that are not part of, or one of the Five Bodies that YOU are operating in The KONtrolled Matrix of Time & Space Creation. YES... YOU are in a Real Science Fiction Movie that you 'think' is Life and all there is, and YES, you are being unconsciously Kontrolled & Manipulated, because YOU are Not Awake as yet, and YOU keep Agreeing to being Kontrolled, because YOU cannot See all of Creation, and especially The Whole of Life. YOU are the Decider of Your Real Life Adventure!

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