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The Brave NuPeople


· Duane
The Brave NuPeople by DUANE LEE HEPPNER...
“ALLOver This World Many People are SteppingUP and Deciding to WakeUP to what Really Supports Them! Oppressive Planned Poisoning of The ALLNatural Environment has been Big Business with those who have done the Most Harm to Everything Natural Here! Anyone can Create Their Own NaturalWay to a Better Life than just 'going along' with what This Business World is Doing to Everyone. Before the European Monarchy did their 'setup' with what became America, the NaturalNatives Living Here did not destroy Their Environment. In a short few hundred years, the Entire Planet Earth is Now Polluted & Poisoned by the Business World Bankers. There is NO FUTURE HERE by continuously Harming Everything & Everyone! The Brave NuPeople are Making Themselves Known. StepUP & Join US and The Brave NuPeople in Your Communities and on Your Planet Earth for The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US.
*Duane Lee Heppner / DUANE LEE HEPPNER.ORG, is the Founder of Many WorldWide Organizations Supporting The ALLNatural Environment and The Children are The FuturNow. StepUP with US and Share What Makes Sense for Everyone to Survive Better Here. Contact: Kelsey Lynne Brown President of

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