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STRIKING CHILDREN of THIS WORLD by DUANE LEE HEPPNER... “It is More Than Obvious that The Children of This World are WakingUP to Everything that is Happening Here Right Now! They are Seeing what the Adults have done to The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, and the Children do not like this! The Children do not See any Future for ThemSelves on This Polluted & Poisoned Planet! ALL of US Decided to Come Here to have certain experiences and to WakeUP & Recognize More than just what is created on This Planet Earth. The Children 'See' what the Old Adults have done and what they are still doing to Everything that Provides Real Food, Air & Water for Everyone! As I have grown up on This World, I have Watched as Everything has Become Worse & Worse, to the point that Everything is Infected & Toxic! The Children See that what the Adults Create does not Make Sense for Their Future Survival! I have written 'THE WAKING CHILD' to Share a Real Possibility for RealFreedom for Everyone! Millions of Copies of This NUBook have been sent around This World as a RealBenefit for ALL... Duane Lee Heppner.
*Duane Lee Heppner / DUANE LEE HEPPNER.ORG, is the Founder of Many WorldWide Organizations that Support The ALLNatural Environment and The Children are The Future Now. StepUP with US and Share What Makes Sense for Everyone to Survive Better Here* www.DuaneLeeHeppner.Club 

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