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· Duane

“Most UNaware People are Not Aware of how or where Their Children came from. I kind of like the 'Stork Tale' as something interesting from that of what was originally marketed and sold to the UNaware Masses as the 'deity' idea of Creation. It is easier for UNaware People to 'believe' or accept something 'madeup' in Creation, than it is to face the reality of what is really taking place Here. Because This World is what it has become by all the Choices made, those who Raise Children have The RealChallenge of providing what is necessary to survive all the Effects of the Created Causes that are Now Present. Teaching Children the invented & indoctrinated Distortions of the educational systems will Not provide what is needed to surpass the onslaught of Effects that are constantly showing up. The invented systems of education 'market' the UNaware into 'thinking' that being Scholastically Literalized is an OverALL Achievement, which is Not so! The appearance of moving into a so-called 'career' without RealGuidance and a RealEducation will only lead to becoming old and forgetting this life once more, as all the other lifetimes have become forgotten. So, every moment a Decision is made as to How to Raise Your Children in a World that is Not as it is 'marketed' to be. WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Know what 'IS' taking place from The UNSeeen Reality LifeIS to the Seen Solidness of This Physical Realm. Most people will Raise Their Children with a lot of 'hokus-pokus' ideas that fit into the Social Literalized Order, or They can Take The Risk and WakeUp with US~UNUversal SuperBeings.

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