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· Duane

“Prior to the invented systems of politics, spiritual religion, indoctrinated education & science technology, what was there... There Wasn't! ALLLife 'IS' AWARENISSS, Your RealAwarenisss. YU, The RealU 'IS' a FreeBeing of RealLight in Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom, but YOU must take the time to Recogn'IS'e THISSS! Right Now... YOU are in a DimesionalMatrix that YOU 'think' is a real life, and what YOU have Agreed to for many untold unaware lifetimes. Your PersonalSelf, YOU, was created by The RealU to have Necessary Experiences in CauseEffect Creation. YOU have been part of the Overall Agreements that have been made Here, that have led to a Greater Misunderstanding of 'What LifeIS' moreso than ever before! YOU are the Decider of YourLife, and YOU Decide how long you will stay Restricted and the Effect of Everything in Creation. What we are each experiencing from what has been created Here so far, is Not What The Whole of LifeIS... Not Even Close! YOU & Everyone can keep 'thinking' that all the Created Situations Here will get better, because of technology, worship, belief, faith, hope or whatever, but this will Not be so. AGAIN... ALLLIFE 'IS' AWARENISSS! Until You Decide to have a RealEd~NU~cation with RealGuidance from The Real UNUversal Guides, you & everyone will continue to 'chase' the marketed 'ideas' of the invented systems into More UNconscious Future Lifetimes of Already Decided Worse Conditions than Now! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators have The RealCure for ALL! The RealU is operating Five Bodies in Creation and the Kontrolling Educational Systems are Not telling YOU how to BeFree from Their Restrictions. YOU Must Be a Real RiskTaker to SeeeMore!

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