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Momma Kendell, Melody, &The Yellow Butterfly


By Momma Kendell, Edited by Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer

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Just yesterday, The girls and I were waking to the little park by our house. On the way, as we walked on the Sidewalk Grass was a big Wonderful Yellow Butterfly. Melody and I saw it at the exact same time! She immediately explained she knows not to touch their wings because of their special powder, or else, they cannot fly! So , Melody, my 7 year old, went towards it and it did not fly away! Wow! She put her hand near, and then its feet landed on her hand! Then, I put my hand out and it got on me! I looked right in its Biiiig Black Eyes and it was Looking Back! It was such a Beautiful Real Being, and it recognized us! I had my hair up so I then put it on my neck because the wind was blowing its wings on my fingers, it crawled on me for a bit then flew away off my neck. All along it could have flown away and didn't, until it chose to, Melody had agreed it was a very interesting experience, but I explained to her it happened for a reason, as it is a NUMessage from Life ITSelf! And we are Paying Attention! The Children are a Lot MoreAware than YOU Realize! Learn to Listen!

We LUV it! Hummingbirds too, we had an encounter last year, we were was sitting down right out in front of our house in the Sun as it was so bright and shining, and a hummingbird came right up to my face within inches and looked me right in the eyes for at least 4 seconds it was the most Real thing, and then touched Melody on her nose! I know there is no coincidence, The NUMessages are Everywhere for those that want to Listen and Pay Attention Right Now!

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