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by Duane The Great Writer


· Duane

“Almost each one of us has come thru some form of professional or personal education and the gradual learning and understanding of ourselves and this world around us. Everything has it's place, as nothing needs to be negated, and as we each Become MoreAware of what we want our lives to be, we make choices according to our Free Will. The history that has been created on Your Planet Earth is according to the experiences and understanding each person has gained and shared. As anything created is presented to others, it is always up to each person to Agree or not. The various ideas about Meditation is an example of something that has become widespread and very Agreed upon. Meditation has it's place like anything and is what it is, and nothing more. There are many ways to approach Meditation, and it depends upon each person as to what they want from this idea. Basically... Meditation is for relaxation and contemplation and the many 'spiritual' ideas that have been attached to it, such as enlightenment. If this is what a person wants, then go for it. Then there is the invented religions of this world that seem similar with those who are followers of religious invented ideals & icons, and the worshiping and praying to a so-called god is the ultimate experience one might have with the relationship they have created and Agree to. Again, this is all a matter of Your Choice. It is more than evident that certain 'holy or spiritual' ideas have been forced upon people to where they are intimidated and even threatened to Agree to religious 'beliefs that seem' to be something. Again, Your Choice. When YOU are able to SeeeMore than just this one-dimensional world of limited personal creations and decide to explore the other levels in Creation, as a start, then YOU will begin to See Beyond the 'ideas' that have been created from 'ideas' such as Meditation, religion, politics and spiritual whatevers! Meditation, religion and spiritual ideas are mainly with the Astral Realm, the First Heaven of Man. It is Not that I have decided this, nor is it my opinion. It is so that all YOU have to do is Sing The NUSound, The NU~U, and YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, will be shown from The RealSide LifeISSS, that what YOU are experiencing here is Not always what it 'seems' to be! Do YOU want RealFreedom beyond The Matrix of Cause & Effect Creation? Then Sing The NU~U, and Watch Your DreamVisions and RebISar & The Real UNUversal Guides will Show YOU 'What IS Real Now!' YOUR CHOICE!

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