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· Duane

“We have each grown up with the Love 'idea' that mainly caters to a Person's Emotions, which is Their Astral Body of Sensations. Of Course the Emotional Part of US is Essential and an aspect of the Five Bodies each of us has, but ThereIS So Much More to The Whole of Life than constantly Chasing Emotional Responses and being Restricted by them. This of course, is a Choice. The ideas of 'right & wrong-good & bad' do not apply as much as do, What Makes Sense with what we each experience Here, and also Learning to SeeeMore & BeeeMore than just Emotional Reactions that keep a person in the Astral Zones of Constant Effect. I have Seeen so many UNaware People who 'think' they know something about Life, as they have accumulated their Esoteric Knowledge, and still end up passing into the Astral Realm and Not Knowing where they are at! So, at some point, they will get frustrated & bored and gradually return to another Physical Body to start another UNaware Life, and also Forgetting they were ever Here! Learn to Seee The RealSide LifeIS and YOU will Seee for YourSelf. Beyond TimeSpace CauseEffect Creation 'IS' Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom! Eventually, after a Lot of Sincere Understanding with THE ISSSNISSS LIFEIS, a REALLUV AFFAIR begins to Reveal ITSelf with those who, with ALL Their Real~Intent Firmly Focused, can finally Seee & PerSeeeve The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. This 'IS' RealLUV like Nothing Else. YOU Decide to just support Your Emotional Astral Body for more ongoing lifetimes of Cause & Effect Thrills & Drama, or Take The Risk and have a Complete REALLUV that is Not Restricted by anything or anyone in Real UNUversisss of ALLLALIVENISSS! YOU Decide Your RealAdventure with The Whole of Life, as WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Share 'What IS Real Now' with Everyone Here!

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