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· Duane

“YOU and everyone else has been thru seemingly endless lifetimes of subservient drudgery to the invented systems who rule this planet and so many others like it. YOU will continue to take on new bodies for what is going to seem like eternity, until YOU Decide to WakeUp ALL The Way and Escape from Cause & Effect Creation. YOU are being fooled by almost everything here YOU Agree to, and at the same time, what you are experiencing here is what it takes for YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss to WakeUp to 'What IS Real Now!' YOU have had more bodies in this Physical Realm than you can count, and YOU can keep going with this same ongoing process, until YOU Decide differently! WWE are Not here to convince you of anything, as WWE are are here to live Our RealAdventure of Becoming MoreAware. and to see who has The RealCourage to WakeUp ALL The Way or Not! YOU can have as many lifetimes and bodies as you want, because YOU have Free Will. BUT... there 'IS' something so much better that YOU are Not Seeeing! BUT... YOU Must Take The Risk to Seee! There 'IS' Real & Endless UNUversISSS beyond what YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, can ever imagine, and WWE will show YU how to Free YourSelf from The Matrix of Cause & Effect Creation Now!

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