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· Duane

“Children Make Sense, as They know what They are doing Here. When Children first come into This Life, They still may have a Recollection of Their RealSide Life & Experiences in the Astral Realm and other places They have already explored. For the most part, the New Parents are Not Aware of this and even with their own pastlives on This Planet Earth and other Dimensions & LifeLevels. Cats & Children go together very well! Cats are also Great Seeers into what most people cannot see. I suggest that Parents 'Learn to Listen' to Their Children. I raised My daughter and I learned a Lot by Listening to Her RealSide Experiences (old term 'dreams') and also what She was experiencing Here on Earth. ThereIS So Much More to The Whole of Life than what exists on This World alone! Many people 'wait' for the authorities to give them information and many times misinformation, but anyone can Become a Real RiskTaker and Discover NUWorlds & Real UNUversisss that are Not Known Here. WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Provide Real Opportunities for those who want to SeeeMore and Get Beyond CauseEffect Creation. Take the time to Listen to Your Children and then Share Something Wonderful with US on This Facebook Group.

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