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· Duane

“Each Lifetime 'IS' a NU~Opportunity to Become MoreAware, and This 'IS' what WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Share with Everyone. WWWE Know What WWWE are Doing Here. Children first start off in Creation, until They Learn about The RealSide & The Real UNUversisss. This PhysicalLife has it's place, but There 'IS' So Much More that 'IS' Not Seeen and understood. Eva & I have Children's RealSide NUGroups in many different Dimensions & Levels of Creation that are unknown to most people on This Planet Earth. We have Our NUSkype Groups Here on Earth and throughout the many realms, dimensions & levels that have been created in Creation. There are many 'stories' as to how Creation began, but The RealAdventure of Creation 'IS' that it is a very small part of The Whole of Life, that which I refer to as THE ISSSNISSS. Creation, like The TruReality LifeIS 'IS' Always Now, and there is No Beginning or Ending. Anyone can create anything, and the 'ideas' that are created in Creation have become 'fun things' to play with, but usually have nothing to do with THE ISSSNISSS LIFEIS. WWWE can show Everyone how to Get Beyond ALL Their Restrictions and have a RealLife to where YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss 'IS' Always Aware! No More Growing Old with chasing 'old' ideas that only lead to More UNconscious Lifetimes of Drudgery Here. Eva & I Share how to Recogn'IS'e THE ALLLISSS, with The NUChildren who StepUp to The RealSide NUGroup. There 'IS' Always NUExperiences for those who ShowUp with the RealGuides. On The RealSide, WWWE have The NUVessel Project that entails NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversity. I have started The NUProjects for This Earth, and they are also found in RealDimensions in a Person' DreamVisions. It is always a Big Challenge to get anything ReALL Here, because of how so many UNaware People would rather stay subject to the Kontrolling Systems and the 'ideas' of Others! In The RealUNUversisss of RealFreedom, there 'IS' No Restrictions with Anything! Learn to SeeeMore with US~UNUversal SuperBeings!

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