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· Duane

“Every Lifetime we each come around to start again on This Planet or another 'Place in Life' to Learn Something More than we have, we are given another opportunity to WakeUp to what we are doing Here. We each came Here to look for that 'Special Something' that will give us a 'glimpse' into Something More than what we have always known. LifeIS BIG & ENDLISSS, and to truly figure out what that Special Something 'IS' does take a lot of effort, focus and research. We must Each Decide for OurSelves when we want to ExploreMore than ever before. For the most part, the parents we come to be with each lifetime, do Not know that We as Children are already FreeBeings of RealLight, so they get US educated according to what has been created Here, and then we Really Forget who WE are and WHY we are Here! BUT GUESS WHAT... LUCKY YOU... WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are HERE FOR YOU to WakeUp Completely Now! YES... This 'IS' Your Wonderful NUDay to Shine! WWWE Show YU, The RealU, how to Recogn'IS'e Your RealAwarenisss and Free YourSelf from Restricting Cause&Effect Creation! This does sound rather 'farout' but when YOU Take The Risk to find out, then YOU will know 'What IS Real Now!' It 'IS' a Huge Challenge & Journey to eventually Recogn'IS'e & Seee The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. I took a lot of time with My Daughter when She was young to show Her how to Explore & Discover Her RealAwarenisss and how to become SelfSufficient for HerSelf. Children are Open to The RealAdventure ALL of LifeIS, but if they are not shown at an early age what The Real Possibilities with This Life 'IS' then they will most likely become conditioned & indoctrinated for the rest of Their Life and into Future UNaware Lifetimes of even worse conditions on This Planet than Now! We each always have a chance to Make Better Choices!
DUANE&EVA~DUANEVA 'IS' with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides and WWWE have The RealConnection 'NU~U~U~U' with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. SING 'NU~U~U~U' & WATCH THE REALSIDE LIFEIS for REALANSWERS! WWWE are 'NOT' political, religious, spiritual...WWWE ARE REAL! CONTACT: KELSEY BROWN & 'DEAN' VAL on FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE.
SKYPE: misskelseyis +1.757.284.9689 / valdisvitols +1.650.823.1460 www.CUURE.Club 

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