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· Duane

“You always have a Choice to try and Change something with YourLife or other 'things' in this life, or Become MoreAware and Start a NUPosition that Makes Sense with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting YOU! The Kontrolling Systems of politics, religion, spiritual, education and scientific whatevers, usually advocate to Change 'something' according to what they want things to be Changed to for ThemSelves. A Very Obvious Example is with politics and the 'two-party' system that is Kontrolled by those who nominate ThemSelves. They 'market' Unaware People into 'thinking' that by voting for 'something' according to THEM, that a Desirable Change will come about for the better. It will, but usually only for THEM. For those who have been around for a while and know a little about the history of This Planet Earth, that isn't slanted or distorted, it is Evident, that even with all the 'pretty speeches' from the Kontrollers of invented systems, Your Planet Earth Keeps Getting Worse! Again, if the Unaware People were to Change the Political Systems according to Everything they wanted THEM to be, it would still be nothing more than a Lot of Defined Restrictions for those who Agree! REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides Always Focus on 'What IS NUNow!' I am Not referring to anything that has been created Here that is Kontrolled by Those with Their Own Agenda. The Whole of Life 'IS' MoreReal than anything in Creation. Those who cling to Their Educated Systemized LiteralSelf will find it almost impossible to Recogn'IS'e The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. The Kontrollers of the invented systems always proclaim some kind of 'freedom' that does not exist Here, and market the Unaware Masses into supporting a fallacy that 'seems' to be substantial for a while. Creation has it's place for what it is, and Creation is also a Very Good Example of what it is Not according to What ALLLifeIS. Starting a NUPosition with RealGuidance and a RealEducation like no other, and to Become MoreAware to Surpass ALL Restrictions that have come before, really Does Make Sense Now! YOU Decide Your Life!

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