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Butterfly Metamorphosis

by Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer

· NUFriends

Once a little girl I know the age of three appeared in my hands. There were other so called adults around, but no one was paying attention to her or able to Seee her RealAwarenisss or her Heart! What was Really taking place with her from the RealSide, the preciousnisss of beeeing was placed in my hands, she was like a mushy gooshy caterpillar and larva!

It was so hard to keep her in my hands as she was so slimy & tinee tiny small! Here in the physical she was about three years old, so a lot bigger in the physical sense than she was in this RealSide experience!

Eventually as I assisted her with my hands she became a butterfly and flew off! I was there just in that time frame to assist her with her transformation into something Wonderfulll as no one else was paying attention or had the Awarenisss to do so! I've done this many times for different beeeings on the RealSide, animals too! I've assisted ducks with flying and even transforming into different animals for their new experiences!

Many of the Children I have come to know are very telepathic and can communicate off simply movements and impressions! Children are so fun and free! The Children are often meeting their friends on the RealSide and Seeeing what YOU cannot! I've heard so many RealAdventures from Children that Adults know nothing about! The Children SEEE everything YOU do! One of the 3 year old children I've communicated with used to Seee Fairies on my ears & point them out! I have met many awesome little girls that are 3 years old and they pay attention to their intuition instead of what the boring adults 'think' with their literal minds! The young Children I have communicated with under 13 are having RealSide Experiences every night and they are really far out, out of this world and beyond what YOU can imagine or consider with your literal mind! The Children can Seee Beyond Your One-Dimensional Matrixxx World! YOU are very Lucky & Fortunate to know these precious Beeeings while they are still so young at heart! YOU want to LISTEN & Share what they are Seeeing before it is too late, because it already ISSS!

Hello Everyone! In this Group YOU can Share Your Children's RealSide Experiences and RealSide Experiences with The Wonderful Children that are the Future Now! Sing NU~U~U~U with Your Children each night and Ask Your Children in the Morning about their 'Dreams' or RealSide Experiences! Have fun Beeeing Creative & Writing them down! Share here the Wonderful Experiences Your Children are Having!

In this group YOU can Share your daily activities with the Children in Nature & what they Seee with the Wonderful Bees & little beeings that make RealFood here on Your Planet Earth! Anything Fun, Real, Natural & Wonderful that the Children are from their Hearts


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